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We Do It All - From Tooth Filling to Oral Surgery

At Dr. Thomas J. Gulino in Clark, New Jersey, we offer many general dentistry services, including tooth fillings and oral surgery. We are happy to help our patients fulfill their dental needs right in our office, where they are comfortable and familiar with our staff.

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Get the best teeth cleaning and have a pleasant experience with our trusted hygienist. We offer periodontal treatment for patients with early signs of periodontal disease. To ensure your comfort, we numb the gums before performing a deep scaling. This procedure removes all types of tarter and bacterial byproducts below the gums.

Fillings and Teeth Whitening

Relax knowing your comfort is our priority during and after a filling procedure. Bonded fillings are available in both silver and white. Some offices perform teeth whitening in an hour or less and tell patients to expect to have sensitive teeth for up to a month. Our process slows down the body's reaction so you don't have to suffer. We do this with custom, take-home bleaching kit trays that spread out the procedure over time. 

Root Canals and Crowns

Alleviate pain from failed root canals or infections. If the seal from a root canal gets bacteria in it, infections can form. You may think the tooth is dead, but sometimes we can just replace the infected material with new material. This is known as a re-treatment of failed root canals. We also provide crowns for cosmetic reasons.

Oral Surgery

Know you're in good hands on oral surgery day. We provide everything from simple, common procedures, like third molar and wisdom tooth extractions, to complex surgical extractions that require bone grafting, a flap, or sinus elevation. At times bone grafting is necessary around implants. Bone grafting is often necessary after extractions to avoid big holes. We also place and remove implants. When upper posterior teeth are gone, the body destroys the bone and often the sinus sits right on top of the bone. In this situation, we cannot place an implant, but we can come in on the side of the sinus and raise the membrane so the bone will grow, allowing an implant at a future date.

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